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Interview to Isabel Munar from Hotel Can Cota


To take advantage of a huge house with spectacular views, which was not possible to maintain as a residence, Isabel Munar tried managing it as a rural hotel. She has been doing it for five years now. Her family, coming from the world of architecture, collaborated in the renovation design. The result is evident.

What is your day-to-day management of the hotel like?

I manage two interior tourism establishments (which is how rural hotels are called in Mallorca), one in front of the other. In total, there are 24 rooms. It is a very family-oriented hotel where we don't have many employees. Redforts allows me to manage both establishments with a single program, centralizing everything related to billing, for example.

How did you come across the Redforts software?

I tried several programs and none of them met my needs. I found Redforts through the internet while searching for information.

How long have you been using it?

Since 2018.

Did you use any other software before?

First, I used a free one, beds24, and then I used Little Hotelier and SiteMinder, but they didn't meet my expectations.

What features of Redforts do you use?

I think I make good use of it. Except for some new features, like the ID card reader, I use everything else. Without the program, we are nothing because we use it as a Channel Manager, as well as for billing, reporting, and check-ins, which has made our work much easier.

Do any of the features help you in particular?

The online check-in has made our management much easier during the COVID times because we have reduced contact with the guests a lot this past year. It has allowed us to receive payments and have guests sign traveler forms without the need for direct contact, which was very necessary this year.

Is it easy to use?

I find it super easy. I use it now, but any of the employees I have had have quickly learned to use it. Everything is very clear. I really like how all the records are marked, so you always know who the guest is, who made the reservation, and everything is detailed.

Do you use Redforts on your mobile?

We also use it on mobile. When we are not at the hotel, but even when we are at the hotel but far from the computer because there are many stairs here and you have to go up and down to move from one place to another...

Is the price affordable?

Very reasonable. As a collaborative project, have you proposed any improvements? We would like to download the data with more detail and be able to generate reports ourselves. They gave us a solution, but we haven't had time to look into it.

Is there any feature that you miss?

I am quite satisfied, but perhaps the reservation engine part could be made more visually appealing for the guests. Some guests have mentioned that to me before.