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Electronic Locks

We offer integration with hotel locking systems for a number of vendors and support numeric locks for all vendors. On the check-in day, your guests will be able to see the access code to enter their room, house, or units that your business sells

Illustration of a person holding a giant key next to a red door, symbolizing the integration with electronic locking systems for seamless guest access.

Hotel locking systems

We integrate with a number of hotel locking systems like Tesa locks from Assa Abloy and SmartKey. The integration will allow you to update door codes, open and close doors from our system.

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Access codes

It is always an option to manually enter the codes of the locks you have in our system, so the communication to the guest will also be automatic.

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Illustration of a hand entering a numeric code on an electronic lock keypad, representing secure and keyless entry to hotel rooms.