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Manuel Fragero smiling, surrounded by plants in Alberca ApartaSuites, a venue in C贸rdoba managed by him and supported by Redforts software.

Interview with Manuel Fragero from Alberca ApartaSuites

Like many professionals in this industry, Manuel Fragero entered the world of hospitality due to family tradition. In C贸rdoba, he manages the apartment buildings Barroso, Cruz Conde, and Alberca.

Interviews October 18, 2021
Juan 脕ngel Mart铆nez Gonz谩lez, smiling in an outdoor setting, manager of rural accommodations in A媒na, Albacete, and user of Redforts software.

Interview with Juan 脕ngel Mart铆nez from Hostal Rural Miralmundo

Juan 脕ngel Mart铆nez Gonz谩lez manages two establishments in A媒na, Albacete: a rural hostel and a three-star green rural house. They started this hotel adventure 24 years ago.

Interviews September 28, 2021
Close-up of a service bell on a hotel reception desk, symbolizing hospitality services that can be managed electronically via Redforts software.

Electronic format registration sheets

The pandemic caused by Covid is causing changes in legislation with the aim of making business operations safer. Therefore, electronic payments and signatures are increasingly encouraged.

Redforts August 17, 2021
Cedric Sachs, standing confidently in the lobby of Plaza Mayor Suites & Apartments in Madrid, with a world map in the background, highlighting his journey in the hospitality industry supported by Redforts software.

Interview with Cedric Sachs from Plaza Mayor Suites & Apartments

Cedric Sachs, an engineer by profession, entered the hospitality industry due to family tradition. His father had a hotel in Paris with fifteen rooms. Cedric helped him on weekends and during vacations.

Interviews July 28, 2021
Hotel Can Cota's inviting pool with deck chairs overlooking the lush landscape of Selva, Mallorca, managed by Isabel Munar using Redforts software.

Interview with Isabel Munar from Can Cota Hotel

To make use of a huge house with spectacular views, which was not possible to maintain as a residence, Isabel Munar decided to manage it as a rural hotel. She has been running it for five years now.

Interviews July 22, 2021
Jan Korstanje and Ben Siemerink, founders of Redforts Software, portrayed against coastal backdrops, representing their vision for accessible hotel management solutions.

Interview for Economic News from El Mundo

The Spanish company Redforts Software was born as a collaborative project between visionary hoteliers and a small group of experienced IT professionals.

Press July 22, 2021
Illustration of online payment systems, showcasing a smartphone displaying a payment interface with various payment options like PayPal and Stripe around it.

Online payments for all reservations

One of the most important changes happening regarding online reservations is due to the European regulation PSD2. PSD2 came into effect on January 1, 2021, requiring hotels in Europe to adapt their payment process to this new regulation.

Redforts February 12, 2021
Cheerful woman in a striped shirt and apron stands in front of a restaurant's point of sale system, representing the integration of operational processes in hospitality.

Integration with restaurant (Peri贸dico de Catalunya)

The way for any business to achieve economic success is to streamline operational processes and ensure a good reputation. At first glance, these two objectives may seem contradictory, but in reality, they positively reinforce each other.

Press May 13, 2019
Jan Korstanje, founding partner of Redforts, standing confidently in front of the Redforts Oscar Hotel Software logo.

Redforts, the cloud-based solution suitable for any hotel

The newspaper La Raz贸n has published a special edition for Fitur 2019 coinciding with the event held in Madrid, which includes an interview with our founding partner Jan Korstanje explaining important aspects of Redforts.

Press January 24, 2019
A newspaper article from La Raz贸n featuring an interview with Jan Korstanje, discussing Redforts as a cloud-based hotel management software solution.

Redforts automates saving time and operational costs

On January 17, 2018, La Raz贸n published a special edition for Fitur 2018 coinciding with the event held in Madrid. Among its pages (in print and online), you can find the interview with our founding partner Jan Korstanje explaining the most important aspects of the Redforts software.

Press January 17, 2018
Logo of TecnoHotel, a digital magazine covering technology in the hospitality industry.

Redforts among the best booking engines

Article in the Spanish digital magazine TecnoHotel about the highest-rated booking engines in the market, including Redforts.

Press March 2, 2014