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All-in-one hotel software

One of the easiest and most competitive solutions

A complete and high-quality solution for hotels, hostels, apartments, or any other type of property at a very competitive price.

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All functionalities in one place

Revenue management

Dynamic prices that constantly adapt to your situation. Just define your rules.

Property Management System

All the functions you need: Planner, dashboard, reports, invoices, rates, guests, payments, etc.

Channel manager

Connect with Booking.com, Google, Expedia, Airbnb, and 70+ more channels. No more overbookings.

Booking engine

For you website or social media, so guests can book directly without any commission cost.

Online payments

Your guests receive payment reminders according to your policies and can pay without your intervention.

And much more

Use your camera as a document scanner, integrate with self-check-in kiosks, electronic locks, etc.

Flexible: You choose which modules to activate

With Redforts, you can add or remove functionalities at any time, giving you maximum flexibility to adapt the solution to your situation. With other systems, you'll pay for modules you don't use.

Modular puzzle pieces representing the customizable and flexible modules available in Redforts system. View all modules
Relaxed person with feet up on desk, enjoying a coffee, symbolizing the ease of automated hotel management with Redforts.

Why do things manually when they can be automated?

Redforts' reservation tasks, price adjustments, payment collection, and channel management are highly automated, reducing manual interventions, minimizing human errors, and therefore saving costs.

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Reviews from hoteliers who already use Redforts

Hotel Córdoba Centro

We can say that for us, Redforts has modernised our way of working. It has become so easy to manage our hotel. Being able to control prices, availability, and have all our sales channels connected is a great improvement. In addition, the availability of customer support and the speed of resolution is extraordinary.

Hotel Cordoba logo

David Rodriguez

Apartamentos Jeréz

Redforts offers us everything we need. Not only for reservation management (essential and super complete), booking engine, Partes de Viajero directly connected to the Police (great), but also the accounting part, which has saved us the cost of contracting an accountancy firm, hours of manual accounting work, and human mistakes. I don't think we can find a tool that better suits our business at all levels than Redforts.

Hotel Jerez Logo

Angel Villaescusa

Hostal Santo Domingo

Redforts is a reservation system with an excellent value for money, and a very good option for Cloud Based Computing offering maximum security.

Hotel Santo Domingo Logo

Juan Fern√°ndez

Hostal Uría

Redforts is the perfect tool to simplify the management of my hotel thanks to its intuitive and efficient functionality, which is also rigorous and effective.

Hotel Uría Logo

Rubén Sancho

Hotel √Ābaco

Redforts has been a game-changer. From the first minute, the team's support has been admirable and very professional. They have been able to help us and make this laborious work easier, despite having to update several elements in the extranet, it has been very intuitive and easy, and they have always been available to answer all my questions at any time.

Hotel Abaco Logo

Adelina and Tom√°s

Hotel Costa Verde

The day-to-day work, incident resolution, staff attention, the information provided by the PMS, and the constant evolution have shown us that we made the 100% right decision, and we are convinced that they will continue to make our work and daily life easier.

Hotel Costa Verde Logo

Carla Gonz√°lez

Hotel La Monta√Īa M√°gica

Although our business is small, it is complex due to the diversity of offers, and Redforts allows us to have integrated control over all of them, saving time and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, Redforts is constantly evolving and improving, which is essential for the future. It is our tool to compete against the monopoly of global online booking giants.

Hotel Monta√Īa M√°gica Logo

Carlos Bueno

Hotel Palacio San Bartolomé

We are a young hotel that is being highly rated in the province of C√°diz, so we identify perfectly with the Redforts service. It offers us perfect ability to manage our business. It is simple and practical.

Hotel San Bartolomé Logo

Carlos Salvadores

With an ear for customer needs

Redforts' success is largely based on our ability to listen to our customers and collaborate with them to develop those features that hoteliers really need.

It is important to choose a system that meets your current needs, and can adapt to needs you may have in the future.

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Attentive customer service representative with an ear to customer needs, embodying Redforts' commitment to listening and collaboration.

Highly competitive prices

What if software were easy to use, would always work and would hardly ever have any problem? Well first of all, you would not waste time and in addition your software supplier would have little maintenance cost. That is why we at Redforts focus so much on creating high quality software. It is the only way to ensure an extremely competitive solution at the right price.

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Handshake symbolizing Redforts' API integrations with various hotel technology peripherals and partner systems.

Connected to your peripherals

We offer API integrations with point-of-sale systems, self-check-in kiosks, document readers, electronic locks, and payment gateways for a range of certified partners.

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Intuitive and with professional support

Redforts does not charge anything to help you set up your account or to smoothly migrate from your current provider. We know that our solution is robust and customers tell us that our solution is easy to use. Whether you are new to the hotel industry or have a lot of experience, we help you set up the system at your convenience, from initial configurations to the smallest details.

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