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Our Story

In 2010, Ben Siemerink and Jan Korstanje founded Redforts Software. At that time, Jan's wife was managing a hotel and had tried all kinds of software applications to manage her business, but none of them really met her needs. They were either very expensive or lacked remote management capabilities.

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After conducting further research, Ben and Jan realised that the hotel industry was lagging behind in terms of technology, so they quickly identified an opportunity to create a more modern, robust, and cost-effective solution by moving both processing and operation to the cloud, relieving hoteliers of the responsibility of backups and software updates.

With the help of Jan's wife and other hoteliers, they quickly created a revolutionary solution called Redforts and launched in May 2010 and featured in the renowned Spanish newspaper El País for its groundbreaking idea.

Photo of Jan Korstanje and Ben Siemerink (Redforts Hotel Software founders)

From there, Redforts started to grow into what it is now, a comprehensive solution that includes all the features a modern hotelier needs, used by over 1800 users in more than 25 different countries.

Looking back, we believe that the key to our success has been, above all, humility; to listen to our customers and offer a modular solution so that the hotelier can decide what to use. And last but not least, we created an extremely robust solution, offering maximum availability at the best possible price.

Redforts logo with stylized figures and the company name on a dark background with clouds.

Offering exceptional experiences since 2010