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Redforts' All in One modules

Revenue management

Dynamic prices that constantly adapt to your situation. You just need to define your rules.

Property managent system

All the functions you need: Planner, dashboard, reports, invoices, rates, guests, payments, etc.

Channel manager

Connect with Booking.com, Google, Expedia, Airbnb, and 70+ more channels. No more overbookings.

Booking engine

For you website or social media, so guests can book directly without any commission cost.

Online payments

Your guests receive payment reminders according to your policies, and can pay without your intervention.

Electronic locks

On the day of check-in, your guests will be able to see the access code to enter their accommodation.


Within the reservation you will find a WhatsApp button. Just click on it to contact your guest directly.


We offer you the option to hibernate your account, so you can save money when you are temporarily closed.

Document scanner

Automatically register guest data by scanning ID documents, no more manual work or human errors.


Your guests won't need a reception to check-in, pay and access their accommodation.

Document scanner

By simply scanning the document, guest data will be instantly entered into the system.

Metasearch engines

Sell through Google and Tripadvisor. Receive more direct bookings and save commission cost.

Free migration

We help you migrate from another system to ours, in a few quick and simple steps and it is free of any charge.

Guest portal

Your guests can manage their reservation, invoices, payments, etc. from a mobile phone, without having to contact you.


We know that when you use a new system, you will have question. We are there to resolve them quickly at no cost.

Point of sale integration

Now you can allow your guests to ask to charge costs to their room from any point of sale.