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Booking Engine

For your website, Instagram, or Facebook, so guests can book directly, saving you all commission cost.

Illustration of a mobile booking interface with a female character pointing to various hotel options, showcasing the ease of making reservations.

Automatic and comprehensive

Whether the reservation is made on a handheld device or a computer, the booking process is super easy. Your guests can choose dates, enter their information, and then the reservation will appear directly in your reservation planner with all the relevant information. The booking engine will offer what you have available on the searched date, at the price you have defined in our system. If there is no availability for the period, it will suggest alternative dates boosting your sales.

Free trial

Easy to configure and install

Just add your images and descriptions. Integrating it into your website or on social media is really simple. You can choose to use a WordPress plugin, a widget, or just a link.

Free trial
Graphic showing a simplified booking calendar interface on a mobile device, indicating an easy setup for hotel management.