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Free support

We know that when you use a new system, it's normal to have questions. We are there to resolve them, quickly and happily.

Customer service representative with headset ready to assist Redforts clients, indicating personalized support via phone or email.

By Phone or Email

If you contact us, you will be assisted by a person, not a machine. If you send us an email, we strive to respond that same day, often within an hour.

Free trial

Demos and health checks

Before you use our system, we recommend requesting a free demo with us. If you have been using our service for months already not sure if you're using all the features correctly, or if you're not sure if you're using them correctly, give us a call and we'll check it out right away.

Free trial
Virtual assistant providing online support, representing Redforts' commitment to personalized customer service and technical help.