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Self Check-In Kiosks

Your guests will not need a reception to check-in, pay and access their accommodation, they will do it directly at the kiosk.

Simple for all your guests

Your guests can perform auto checkin by entering their reservation number and personal information: name, ID, etc. If there is an amount to be paid they will be prompted to make the payment upon which a card or access code for the accommodation is issued.

Free trial
Illustration of a person using a Redforts self check-in kiosk, demonstrating the ease of checking in and accessing accommodations without the need for a traditional reception.
Illustration of guests interacting with a Redforts self check-in kiosk, highlighting the convenience of 24/7 availability for check-in and payment.

Available 24/7

The best thing about a kiosk is that it is available at any time, very useful for guests arriving late at night.

Free trial