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Automatic Replanner

Redforts PMS incorporates a unique automatic replanner that organises your reservations in such a way that you will achieve a more compact planning, achieving the highest occupancy rates effortlessly.

Calendar with highlighted dates and a clock, symbolizing Redforts PMS's automatic replanner for maximizing hotel occupancy.

No more TETRIS-like work

Have you ever had to do TETRIS-like work moving reservations to make sure your guests didn't have to change rooms during their stay? Isn't it a terrible and laborious task? Well, our PMS does it automatically for you so you can focus on more important things.

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Achieving 100% occupancy

Since the replanner continuously optimises your planning, you can achieve 100% occupancy without any hassle. So not only do you have less work, but you also generate more revenue using the automatic replanner.

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Person managing hotel bookings with Redforts PMS automatic replanner on a digital calendar, enhancing reservation efficiency.