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Hotel PMS

The PMS offers you a complete set of features to efficiently and easily manage your business. In addition to having all the operational functions for reception and management, the PMS also has a wide range of reports to monitor your business's income, taxes, and cash flow.

Discover Redforts' PMS
Redforts Hotel Property Management System for streamlined operational management and integrated business reporting.

Automating your tasks

The PMS is the core of Redforts' all-in-one solution that allows the automation of almost all your tasks. Whether it's managing reservations, processing payments, guest check-in, invoicing, sending emails, or even pricing definition. You can simply relax and let the PMS take care of your business.

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Perfectly integrated

All the modules we offer are perfectly integrated with the PMS. Whether it's a document scanner, a kiosk, a point of sale, electronic locks, the channel manager, etc. Everything is tightly connected and offers all the functionality of a single system: the PMS.

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Traveler with luggage at hotel highlighting Redforts' PMS features for efficient management and automation.