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Point of Sale (POS) Integration

Now you can allow your guests to charge their expenses to their room from the hotel bar, restaurant, sauna, or any other point of sale.

Illustration of a person at a reception desk, representing point of sale (POS) integration, allowing hotel guests to charge purchases to their room for convenience.

Improve your bottom line

Being able to charge expenses to the room makes a big difference. Your guests don't need to worry about carrying their card or wallet. A true luxury.

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Easy integration with certified partners

A constantly growing list of point of sale providers has integrated their systems with us because of how easy it is to do so. Just contact us and let us know which point of sale system you use, and we'll analyze it.

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Illustration of a person interacting with a Point of Sale (POS) system interface, likely used for managing additional services or upgrades for hotel guests.

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