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Payment Gateways

Your guests can pay you without you needing to intervene. Payment reminders are sent out automatically, with a simple click on the payment button payment can be settled. Upon payment, the reservation is updated, the payment id is registered. Easy peasy.

Illustration of a person with a giant credit card and a payment terminal, symbolizing the ease of automatic payment processing and gateway integration.

Multiple platforms to choose from

We support both global as well as local payment gateways like Stripe and Redsys. Integrating with them is very simple, you just need to have an account.

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Choose which reservations to allow online payment

Use the payment module to collect payment of any reservation. Not only booking engine reservations but also OTA reservations. You can set a default or activate the online payment option for specific individual reservations.

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Illustration showing a smartphone, a credit card, and a payment terminal, depicting the convenience of online payments and the integration with various payment gateways.