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Make your direct price visible on your Google Business and Tripadvisor business profiles to receive more direct bookings through your booking engine. See how it works with Google:

Illustration of a person leaning on a search bar connected to metasearch engines like Google and Booking.com, highlighting the strategy of direct booking visibility.

Your direct price vs OTA price

Users will see your direct price on the metasearch as well as the price you have on channels like Booking.com. If your direct price is slightly more attractive than the one on the channels, it should be chosen more often. They will be redirected to your booking engine, and you will get more sales without intermediaries.

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Easy to Set Up

For metasearch, you don't need to configure room types and rate plans like you do with OTAs. It's much simpler, and you'll be online without having to invest a lot of time in configurations.