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Assisted Migration

We know that migrating to a new system can seem complicated. That's why we have designed a simple process to help you migrate easily and quickly. We will accompany you every step of the way, free of charge, to ensure that everything is properly set up.

Illustration of a person with a laptop seated next to a large computer screen, representing assisted migration to a new system with support for transferring reservations and guest information.

Simple and easy process

All reservations and guest information will be imported into our system. This way, the migration is done smoothly and with minimal downtime.

Free Trial

Only 4 Steps Required

1.Create room types, rates, and prices in our system.
2.Connect to channels like Booking.com, Airbnb, Google, or any other channel.
3.Import reservations and then open rates.
4.Add the booking engine to your website.

That's it, you'll be online, and we can relax and take care of minor details.

Free Trial
Illustration of a virtual assistant in a laptop screen offering help with system migration, indicating a user-friendly process with guided support.