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Document scanners

With a simple document scan, guest data is instantly entered into the system, allowing you to provide higher quality customer service.

Illustration of hands using a document scanner to enter guest data, demonstrating the integration with hotel management systems for efficient customer service.

Integration with document scanners

We integrate with a number of document scanners vendors, like Gesvi, Wintone and Delta. These periferals can be connected to our system to read passports and ID cards.

Free trial

Our only software solution using a mobile, tablet or webcam.

If you do not want to buy a scanner, you can opt to use our internal MRZ software scanner module, which allows you to use the webcam of your computer, mobile, or tablet to scan your guests' documents.

Free trial
Graphic of a man using multiple devices to access a software solution that allows for document scanning using a mobile, tablet, or webcam.