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Record sheets in electronic format


You can manage it automatically with Redforts

The pandemic caused by Covid is causing changes in legislation with the aim of making business operations safer. Therefore, payments and electronic signatures are increasingly encouraged, which also streamlines and simplifies procedures by being able to carry them out online.

With this objective, the Ministry of the Interior enacted a new order that came into effect on April 1, allowing hoteliers to store travelers' entry records in electronic format.

Signing the record before arrival and electronic storage

Adapting to the new regulations, at Redforts we have made a change in our platform to simplify and streamline the signing process for both customers and hoteliers. The customer, through the reservation system, can, if desired, check-in online from their place of origin. They just need to click on their name when making the reservation.

Online check-in interface

In the pop-up window that appears, the customer's data is filled in. By clicking save, the traveler's record is automatically stored in the system in accordance with the current legislation.

Personal data interface

Finally, the electronic document for digital signature will appear.

Document signature interface

A quick and simple process that will facilitate management for hoteliers using the Redforts platform to manage their accommodations.