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We've already spoken about the importance of continuously updating your hotel's profile on TripAdvisor and about the impact your response to users comments can have. See article» the best way to respond to users comments about your Hotel on TripAdvisor.» Ideally your hotel should get only positive comments, and if the service is good, this will be the case. But nobody...

As we have already explained in previous articles, your hotel's presence on TripAdvisor can significantly help to build your potential customers's trust and is an efficient tool to acquire new clients. Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs” But as with all tools it is important to use it correctly to get the most...

In recent years, Wi-Fi has become the most important amenity for hotel guests. That's why hotel owners should exploit this technology to a maximum. Comprehensive Wi-Fi service can increase overall customer satisfaction and thus contribute to the hotel's online reputation. Not providing Wi-Fi service at the hotel means losing a great opportunity to surprise your guests with a service which distinguishes...

Do you read client comments before you buy a product or book a dream vacation ? Do your clients look at reviews left by customers that have visited your establishment ? Studies show that most people read comments before deciding to buy something on the internet. In the hotel sector, considering that 80% of hotel bookings are made via the Internet, comments are...