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Interview Esteban Sánchez


Esteban Sánchez Puyade started working as manager of the la Zona hotel in 2011. The hotel has 14 rooms and is located in the centre of Madrid in the Malasaña area near important tourist locations as Gran Via the Puerta del Sol.

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Interview Cedric Sachs


Cedric Sachs, an engineer by profession, was born and raised in a hotel family. His father owned a 15 room hotel in Paris. In the weekends and in summer holidays Cedric lend a hand working in the hotel. When his parents retired, Cedric was just between jobs and decided it was time to go back to the hotel business. They sold the hotel in Paris and went to Madrid.

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Online payment for all reservations


Some pretty important changes are taking place with respect to online reservation, this is all due to the European regulation PSD2. PSD2 came into force on the 1st of January 2021 causing hoteliers in Europe to adapt their payment collection processes to this new regulation.

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Integrated channel manager: complete automation


Article in the Spanish magazine TecnoHotel about channel managment solutions published in October 2014.