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9 ways storytelling generates booking in your hotel

9 ways storytelling generates booking in your hotel

Storytelling is the classic word of mouth. Clients sharing their consumer experiences directly influence the purchasing decisions of others. WOM marketing (word of mouth) harnesses the power of WOM to improve brand awareness, reputation and customer loyalty. Here are nine big reasons you should consider incorporating WOM into your marketing strategy.

1.- Personal recommendations influence 50% of purchasing decisions.

2.- It is a strategy that generates economies of scale. Consider that one thousand customers can generate up to half a million conversations about your brand.

3.- People trust stories told by others more than those related by the brand itself. Specifically, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any other form of advertising; compared with 10% of consumers that trust brands, down from 17% last year.

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4.- The lack of consumer confidence is bad news for brands. 56% of consumers will openly criticize the companies they do not trust; 53% say they won’t buy from a company they don’t trust; and 30% will share negative opinions online.

5.- Real customers telling real stories is good for brands. 89% of consumers say that customer testimonials are the most effective content; 81% are influenced by their friends’ postings on social networks; and 70% will first check customer feedback online when they choose a brand.

6.- The majority of what consumers share is positive. Specifically, 66% of brand mentions are positive.

7.- Super fans have a big influence. They are experts in a particular brand or product and build confidence, credibility and influence. Superfans represent 10% of WOM marketing, they generate three to five times more messages like this and they are messages that have four times greater impact on purchasing decisions.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”

8.- Social networks make word of mouth marketing extremely effective. So much so, that 25% of search results for the top 20 global brands are links to user-generated content.

9.- Social platforms improve the results of this type of marketing. Examples:

– The Canon Forum gathered more than 5,100 registered users and 2.8 million page views in its first six months.
– Visits linked to the BSkyB Community exceed 1.5 million per week.
– 75% of the new subscriptions to the prepaid mobile phone company Giffgaff, located in the UK, is acquired through word of mouth marketing.
– The American Diabetes Association multiplied organic traffic to its website by eight by offering user-generated content in its own community.


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