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Checklist: social networks where your hotel should be actively present

Checklist: social networks where your hotel should be actively present

We know by now that hotels should have a strong presence on social networks. The question today is on which networks. This is not only true for hotels but any business should ask itself this question. It is useless to put a lot of effort into creating a strong presence on a social network if that’s not the one your target audience visits.

This means that you need to find out where the target audience of your hotel is located before you start launching social profiles and posts on all and any social network. It is also important to clearly establish your long-term social media goals. If the aim is to promote the hotel and generate new bookings, certain networks may interest you while when you are looking to focus on customers and interaction between guests you should concentrate your efforts on other social networks.

You have to be reasonable with your use of social networks, and it is useless to create social profiles if you do not have the time to manage them. Large hotel chains can effectively manage their presence on a multitude of social networks by creating and maintaining a management team dedicated to this task. However small hotels need to channel their efforts and carefully choose where to apply them. It is better to have a strong and well maintained presence on one or two social networks than to be present all over the place without showing any activity.

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Following are the five social networks best for hotels to concentrate their efforts:


1. TripAdvisor: This is without a doubt the most important social network in the hotel and tourism sector. TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel website where travelers come to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers tips from millions of travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with direct links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find hotels at the best price. TripAdvisor branded web sites comprise the world’s largest travel community and reaches as many as 350 million visitors per month, in addition to more than 290 million opinions and comments about more than 5.3 million hotels, restaurants and attractions.

They are available in 47 countries around the world. Tripadvisor offers hotel marketing tools to help you establish a greater visibility and generate more bookings. In order to get noticed, get testimonials from your customers and generate online bookings your hotel should definitely be present on Tripadvisor.

2. Facebook: This is the social network with the most worldwide visitors, which practically makes it mandatory to establish a strong presence here. It also offers an advertising platform that allows hotels to carry out advertising campaigns that are perfectly focused on their target audience as well as on retargetting.

A recent study commissioned by Facebook concluded that:

– 83% of users use the Internet while on vacation.

– 33% access their Facebook profile from the place where they pass their holidays.

– 48% post photos of their holidays on Facebook when they return home.

– 50% has given a ‘Like’ to a tourism brand on Facebook

Facebook is without a doubt very useful to generate additional bookings and improve your brand image.

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A strong presence on these two social networks is enough for a small hotel to establish a good marketing strategy and position itself above its’ competitors and generate online booking. But if you think you can manage more profiles you should be present on:

3. Instagram: It is one of the fastest growing social networks, that succeeds in capturing an enormous audience. And you can use the Facebook Ads platform to run your campaigns. Even without an Instagram profile you can build a campaign on Instagram using Facebook Ads. It is very visual, which helps to clearly showcase the strong points of the hotel. Photos of the restaurant, views of the sea, swimming pools, etc. can be a good way to attract the attention of visitors. Clearly, the goal is to raise awareness and attract bookings.

4. Pinterest: has been around for a longer time and works pretty much the same way as Instagram. Its large number of active users make it interesting to be present here, but not as important as on those mentioned above.

5. Twitter: One of the best known and most used social networks today. However it is not very visual, and vistors pay less attention to the tweets, because they descend the time-line at such high speed. Many hotels and vistors use it as a means of communicating with each other, ie, as a channel for customer service.

Social networks are constantly changing, and new networks appear while others disappear. These are the most important at the moment, although we shouldn’t forget others like Youtube which also offers a lot of advantages or Snapchat that is increasingly attracting more visitors. Define your audience, define on which social network they are and provide them with the content they are looking for.