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The technology clients expect from hotels

The technology clients expect from hotels

he sentence “adapt or perish” is becoming more and more relevant in the hotel industry. People are constantly looking for new technologies, including during their holidays. If you can make payments, order food to be delivered, or rent a car using your mobile phone, it should be just as easy to book your hotel this way. Offering a service that incorporates the new technologies and is adapted to the guests needs can position your hotel above the competition and increase the number of bookings.

A recent study conducted by YouGov shows guests’ love affair with mobile technology and clearly indicating what technology customers expect from a hotel and where you should start to update your hotel.

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These are the findings of the survey:

– 89% of customers surveyed want stay-enhancing technology. Beating lines and quicker service are the driving forces behind this desire.

– 60% say that a mobile check-in service, being able to use their smartphones as keys and ordering room service on their mobile devices would save them time.

– 92% say that they would make good use of the time saved.

– 45% say that if a good experience with technology would make them more likely to write a positive comment on TripAdvisor.

– 39% indicates that they are more likely to book a hotel that allows them to check-in via mobile phone than a hotel that doesn’t offer this service.


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