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Why your hotel needs to be present on social media

Why your hotel needs to be present on social media

At this point, it is hard to imagine that there are still hotels, whether they be large chains or small local hotels that ask themselves this question. Clearly, having a profile on major social networks and having a website optimized for mobile devices is no longer something you can brush aside.

We have already seen on many occasions that the reviews and opinions visitors leave directly about hotels influence the number of bookings generated. In addition, comments posted on social networks by well known people has much more value and conditions the booking decision.

At the time of the hotel booking, to make sure visitors make the right choice, it is very common to go to sites like Tripadvisor to read reviews from other users who have already booked before. Nevertheless, the influence of family and friends comes above all these comments, so that they may base the entire voyage planning on comments from friends on social networks.

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As we have already seen, travelers use social networks like Facebook or Twitter throughout the entire trip: planning (including choice of hotel), stay (for example to see at which restaurant to dine) and after the completion of the trip (to share opinions, make recommendations or share photos of their trip).

This shows the that comments on social media such as “like” or “share” have much more value than other pages or media. Also we can not forget that the marketing strategy should focus on quality and not quantity.

Remember that he recommendations of your hotel’s guests is the most effective advertising. And social media is the best medium to obtain and show these recommendations.

A profile on social networks is not just important because it allows you to get and display comments from guests. Visitors, before booking a hotel, look for all kinds of information they can’t find on the web or the booking page. The profiles on social networks are a perfect platform to give more information about your hotel, the available activities, to show the quality of your service and to give detailed information about the region the hotel is located. The use of images and videos helps to make this content more valuable. Showing guests enjoying their stay in the hotel helps build trust.


Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”


– 52 % of Facebook visitors said that pictures of their friends comments leads them to change their holiday plans

– 48 % of people who visit social media to research their holidays stuck to their original plans

– 33 % switched hotel

– 7 % switched destination

– 10 % switched resort

– 5  % switched airline


– 40 % wrote a comment about a restaurant

– 46 % of travelers gave feedback about the hotel after their trip

– 76 % uploaded pictures of their vacation

55 % gave “liked” Facebook pages about their vacations
Finally, social networks act as a means of customer support. The speed and effectiveness in the response is key to building trust and increasing the number of generated bookings. Visitors see that the hotel makes sure to respond quickly to their guests’ needs.
But before opening profiles and posting the first entries, you should ask yourself how you can make online users fans of your hotel brand, and where they are. The answer to these questions defines the success of your online social network marketing strategy and the objectives of each hotel business.

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