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The 3 best online Hotel marketing campaigns

The 3 best online Hotel marketing campaigns

Hotels, big and small, are increasingly relying on the web to get new clients. Last year, social networks were the main protagonists in hotel chains’ marketing strategies. This led to several hotel advertising campaigns that had a great user impact and an enormous return on investment.

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Of course, some hotel campaigns stood out above the others, and were duly rewarded by the international community for their appeal, their production or their results. Below we highlight 3 of the campaigns that had the greatest impact:



– Hampton Hotel: This hotel chain set out to offer users what they themselves called “Feel the Hamptonality”, through a series of videos considered “Hampton Moments”, where clients shared real life experiences. This campaign led to a 60 % follower increase on Facebook, as well as three million viewings of the video.

– Marriott: Another campaign that has received awards with video as its main tool. It was produced for JW Marriott Cancun Resort and Casa Margana Marriott Cancun Resort. Five video bloggers were selected to travel to these locations and make an original video and share their real life experience on all social networks in these resorts. The video bloggers were there for five days. The campaign generated more than $ 370,000 for Marriott Cancun Resort with over 1,800,000 views of these videos.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”

– Four Seasons Hotel: In this video, the campaign aimed at promoting its Facebook page, portraying a more personal and communal vision of the hotel. In this way, by sharing special moments and content, the concept of “the traveler’s voice” was brought to life. To accomplish it, a professional team encouraged users to participate and recorded thousands of «special moments»

These are just a few examples of how online marketing can become a very important tool to attract new clients. We have to remember that for the campaign to be efficient it should be produced by professionals that can transmit the qualities of your hotel to users.

Campaigns on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, or on forums like TripAdvisor can give your hotel better visibility, build a good online reputation and in the end, attract a great number of new clients.

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