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How not to respond to client comments on TripAdvisor

How not to respond to client comments on TripAdvisor

We’ve already spoken about the importance of continuously updating your hotel’s profile on TripAdvisor and about the impact your response to users comments can have. See article» the best way to respond to users comments about your Hotel on TripAdvisor.»

Ideally your hotel should get only positive comments, and if the service is good, this will be the case. But nobody is perfect and problems that affect users and lead to negative comments on TripAdvisor do occur. It is important for the hotel representative on this type of web pages to know how to handle these comments. Negative comments damage the hotel’s reputation, and directly impact the amount of bookings and income generated.

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The following is an example of an inappropriate management response to a bad review made by a user on TripAdvisor:

The former manager of the Georgian House Hotel in Glasgow had a totally inappropriate reaction to the bad review left by one of his clients, giving the hotel a terrible image and showing very little concern for the well-being of his guests.


These are just a few examples of how the hotel’s former-manager responded to the clients’ reviews on TripAdvisor. He told another client who was unhappy about a “bad breakfast”, “If you want a good breakfast go to the Hilton and pay £ 100 per night. When you pay little, you get little”


Of course, when the hotel director found out, he fired the manager, but the hotel’s reputation had already suffered, and this was difficult to correct.

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