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3 free tools to build your hotel’s mobile application

3 free tools to build your hotel’s mobile application

More and more hotels are deciding to build their own mobile applications, so that with their tablet or smartphone they can interact with their actual and potential clients at any time.
Letting the client make reservations, post ratings, get information or receive offers with a few simple clicks, generates more bookings.
According to a study by, last year, transactions made from mobile devices increased by 35 % and the trend is growing. That means that clients make decisions from their smartphones, so it is important to be by their side and help them while they are deciding.


Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”

If your hotel has an app so that with a few simple steps the user can make a reservation, he will be much more likely to book at your hotel as opposed to one that doesn’t have its own app.

How can you build your own app ?

Big hotel chains with strong investment capacity tend to hire specialized companies that create completely personalized and highly functional apps. This is undoubtedly the best choice, but also the most expensive.
On the other hand, smaller hotels with more limited budgets have other, cheaper possibilities that, although maybe not as profitable as customized applications, can help increase the number of bookings.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”

There are sites where you can build your own app for iPhone and Android without any programming skills. Most even offer, in exchange for advertising, a free version. Here are some of the ones available:

– My apps: In just 5 steps you can create a mobile app for your hotel for iOS, Android, Windows phones or HTML 5, whether for personal or corporate use. It has a free and a paid version. It is limited to 16 applications per account.

– Buzztouch: The free version lets you build up to 3 apps for iOS and Android. With the paid version you can build an unlimited amount of apps for about 75€ per year.

– Appsbar: This application is totally free and unlimited. It lets you build apps for iOS, Android, Facebook or HTML 5 (compatible with Windows Phone and Blackberry).

These are just a few of the existing possibilities. But there are many more with other options. In short it allows any hotel to build a mobile application to increase bookings without taking too many risks

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