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Best practices on TripAdvisor 2015

Best practices on TripAdvisor 2015

As we have already explained in previous articles, your hotel’s presence on TripAdvisor can significantly help to build your potential customers’s trust and is an efficient tool to acquire new clients.


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But as with all tools it is important to use it correctly to get the most out of it. Following is a list of things you need to do on TripAdvisor to get the best results.

1. Register your hotel: of course the first thing you have to do is make your presence known on TripAdvisor. With a simple process you can build a profile in which you give detailed information about your hotel, get votes and comments and get performance reports.

2. Make voting easier: To build your potential customers’ trust, your hotel has to get the highest number of positive votes possible. That’s why you have to make it as easy as possible for customers to offer feedback about their stay at the hotel on TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor offers a tool called the “Review Express”, that shows you how to post an opinion quickly and easily:

3. Market your profile: It is important to give the greatest possible visibility to your TripAdvisor profile so that potential customers see the positive feedback that you receive, as well as detailed descriptions and pictures of the hotel. You can include links to your website or hang signs in your hotel.

4. Social presence: TripAdvisor knows that social networks help spread content and comments about your hotel, and offers tools such as “Facebook App” ( to make this diffusion process easier.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”


5. Take part in the discussion: One of the primary functions of TripAdvisor is to offer the possibility to establish direct contact between users and hotels. Improving the image of the hotel and its credibility and trust can depend on the speed and quality of the response. Take the time to answer users’ questions.

6. Respond to comments: Not only should you pay attention to the direct questions users ask you, but actively responding to comments on your hotel greatly enhances the reputation of your hotel and helps build trust. Users are reassured when they see that a hotel has a lot of activity on TripAdvisor and inquiries are quickly answered. A simple “thank you” to acknowledge a positive review is enough to create that trust. With negative comments it is best to remain calm and try to offer a solution and not to argue with the user to avoid harming the hotel’s image.

7. Include pictures: Users prefer profiles of hotels with photos. They look for information that ensures them they are selecting the right hotel. Showing a maximum of photos of your hotel and your guests enjoying themselves offers the best image of the hotel.

8. Make sure that all the information is correct: Check that all the information you give about the hotel is complete and correct: location, phone, website, etc.

Applying these practices will make your presence on TripAdvisor a success. Remember that the better you present yourself the more likely you are to position yourself ahead of your competitors and attract a maximum of potential customers.

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