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24 insights to establish your TripAdvisor strategy

24 insights to establish your TripAdvisor strategy

TripAdvisor frequently publishes studies on user behavior. One of the info-graphics it has published with PhoCusWright shows 24 fundamental insights that every hotel should consider when deciding its strategy for TripAdvisor or for a general online presence.

Some of the main conclusions are:
– When choosing a hotel most customers base their decision on the comments and evaluations made by other clients.
– More and more clients post their opinion about the hotel they have visited.
– The more recent the comments are, the more customers value them.
– Clients are more comfortable booking a hotel which has received more than 10 comments.

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Finally, TripAdvisor offers a great opportunity for hotels to attract new clients by showing the quality of their service. It is important to maintain a continual strategy, continually attracting new clients to ensure a maximum number and continued updating of comments.