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Can free Wi-Fi improve your hotel’s online reputation?

Can free Wi-Fi improve your hotel’s online reputation?

In recent years, Wi-Fi has become the most important amenity for hotel guests. That’s why hotel owners should exploit this technology to a maximum. Comprehensive Wi-Fi service can increase overall customer satisfaction and thus contribute to the hotel’s online reputation.

Not providing Wi-Fi service at the hotel means losing a great opportunity to surprise your guests with a service which distinguishes your hotel from others. At the same time it allows you to acquire relevant information about your guests.

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There are lots of ways to improve your guests’ Wi-Fi experience. For example, you can offer them:

– Virtual coupons:  You can set up a home page to connect to Wi-Fi, offering users deals they can use during their stay at the hotel. A free spa treatment, discounts for the hotel’s restaurant, discounts for nearby activities or a free extra night, are just some of the offers you can make.

– To participate in contests: You can encourage customers to participate in contests. These are very helpful in promoting the hotel’s visibility on social networks. Encourage users to participate in the hotel’s contest on social networks.

– To chat with other hotel guests: Especially for young people, the possibility to chat with other hotel guests is very appealing.

– To leave messages on the hotel’s virtual bulletin board: Like above, leaving messages on the virtual bulletin board of the hotel can be fun for users and increase their satisfaction. It is also useful as a means of communication between the hotel staff and guests and can resolve concerns and issues more effectively.

–To have access to the latest news and the weather forecast: Often the success of the holiday depends on the weather, which makes having constant access to the weather forecast very important. Providing this information for the hotel guests will give them a better impression of the hotel.

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To help you improve your service and increase customer satisfaction, here are some of the Wi-Fi service possibilities you can offer your guests. In addition, when satisfied customers’ leave positive reviews and comments on social networks and specialized travel web sites like TripAdvisor, the hotel benefits and your online reputation improves.

Offering a Wi-Fi connection will get you the kind of reviews that influence potential customers when they choose which hotel to book. It is an incentive for people to write a review about the hotel and will give you more reviews.

In addition to these positive reviews that will help you improve your online reputation and gain a better market position, you can use the request for free Wi-Fi to get clients’ email addresses as well as followers on social networks. In this way, once they leave the hotel you can stay in touch with them and turn them into loyal customers.

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