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Guide: How to get the most out of Twitter and your hotel

Guide: How to get the most out of Twitter and your hotel

In recent years we have seen how Twitter has grown and become a part of everyday life for many people, making it an essential online marketing platform.

Today hotels see Twitter as an important part of their marketing and client retention strategy. However, sometimes they can get a bit lost when it comes to handling Twitter correctly.

Why Twitter? Because it is based on real-time interaction, and people in the tourist sector know that hotel reservations are just as sensitive to the “time” factor. So if you own or manage a hotel, your establishment should have an active presence on Twitter and you should know how to use this excellent online platform as effectively as possible.

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To help you with this task here are some guidelines to help your hotel get the most out of Twitter:

# 1 Write an impactful description

Your profile is your most important message on Twitter because it makes users decide whether they want to follow you or not. You can’t say everything in only 140 characters, so pick a few keywords to describe your hotel and add a few elements that add value to your hotel, or distinguish yourself from the rest.

For inspiration, you can take a look at Kimpton or any Kimpton property like KimptonInPHL or DistriktHotel. They put a lot of effort into managing their Twitter profiles because they are aware of its importance.

# 2 Create and manage a community

The more followers you have, the greater your reach, but it is not simply a question of numbers. It is not a matter of getting the greatest number of followers no matter who, the goal is to get the largest amount of followers that already are or may become interested in your products or services.

To achieve this, you need to grow organically by being active, resourceful and friendly, sharing and discussing content that interests visitors, include links and mentions in your tweets, and use hash-tags to help people find you.

# 3 Listen to your followers

You should consider Twitter less a dissemination channel and more a channel for listening. Once you have established your profile you can be notified about your hotel’s comments through email alerts..

The good thing about Twitter in particular is that tweets are often sent in real time via mobile phone and show what people are doing and thinking about at the time. That is an advantage for travel companies and hotels. By activating the right alerts, you will be alerted when users are looking for hotels in your area or when users have questions about your hotel. You can then contact them almost instantly and get their attention.

New arrivals at the hotel really appreciate receiving welcome tweets, which establishes a communication channel between you and your clients during their stay at the hotel, and makes it easier to be aware of and meet their needs and get their views on the service received.

# 4 Act quickly

Efficient customer care is one of Twitter’s primary functions. Twitter enables you to answer questions and address customers’ problems as quickly as possible. You can turn a very unhappy guest into a very satisfied customer with a quick response and he will in turn recommend your hotel to friends and acquaintances thanks to the confidence you inspired.

# 5 Think before you post a Tweet

What do you tweet, and how often? There are no strict rules. You should post a tweet when you have something interesting and relevant to say to your followers.

Twitter functions as a kind of concierge service, sharing information about local events, shops, restaurants and activities with visitors. Don’t feel compelled to use 140 characters. Use hashtags but not too much as they can divert people’s attention away from the central message

# 6 Write promotional tweets to attract viewers attention

Of course you don’t want to lose followers by posting too many advertising messages, but many people follow brands on social networks especially to receive promotions and discounts. So do not disappoint them. Occasionally send an offer that includes words like “exclusive,” “unique opportunity,” or “free” to attract their attention and make your followers feel special.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”

# 7 Use images

Pictures can be an effective way to catch people’s attention, and with Twitter’s new design images have taken on a more important role. Using pictures and videos helps to show your offers in a more compelling way.

# 8 Make Twitter a part of your client’s hotel experience.

A lot of hotels already use hashtags to talk about events, contests or activities that take place in the hotel so that customers can participate during their stay. This not only allows the hotel to interact with its customers, but also enables the clients to communicate with each other.

From hotels geared to professional events to hotels located in beach areas with younger customers, this strategy produces excellent results.

# 9 Measure the ROI

Like any marketing campaign, to measure its profitability you need to know its effectiveness. To track the ROI of campaigns, use hashtags, booking codes, and landing pages. Tools like Google Analytics and can help analyze web traffic and conversions.

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