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Whatsapp as a hotel marketing tool

Whatsapp as a hotel marketing tool

Most smartphone users have installed Whatsapp on their phones. Worldwide there are over 900 million people using Whatsapp every day.
Obviously the Whatsapp user community represents a very interesting group of people to reach. It is therefore not surprising that quite some companies have developed marketing strategies to reach these users via the Whatsapp platform

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The hospitality industry is a key candidate to benefit from the most popular peer to peer app in the world. But how? Check out the ideas we have developed to use use whatsapp for the marketing of your hotel.


As a customer service channel

You can add Whatsapp as an additional communicationchannel for your customers and potential customer to reach you. In th same way social media is offered to communicate with you, you can add Whatsapp to attend to your customers.

For las minute offers

If you have a list of customer telephone numbers, you can use Whatsapp to reach them and offer special last minute offers sporadically. For instance for dates your occupancy is low you could offer special rates at the last minute.

Download for free: The guide: “How to double online booking revenue without depending on OTAs”


During the stay you could offer your clients additional services to improve their stay like: guided tours, out door activities, restaurant offers, etc.

In house communication channel

You could offer Whatsapp as an inhouse communication channel so people can leave message and communicate directly with for instance Reception.

Examples of hotels that are already using Whatsapp for their marketing

The hotel group SH invites their guests to participate in photography contests. Participation is high and apart from offering other media to send in the pictures Whatsapp is the preferred method of most participants.


Another example is the Hotel Barceló Illetas Albatros. Upon arrival guests receive a welcome card with a free mobile number to allow them to communicate with the hotel 24 hours a day free of charge.

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