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7 ways of using content marketing for your hotel

7 ways of using content marketing for your hotel

There are numerous content marketing tools for hotels available nowadays. A hotel should make use of them to stand out among the crowd and show that it really cares about its guests.

We listed 7 ways of using content management any hotel managers should be looking at.

1. Create a creative blog as a magazine

These types of blogs position the hotel as a reference. A well designed creative blog and its professional content will give the hotel an expert image. This will increase the amount of visitors the website gets and will have a positive affect on sales.
Assuring connection with social media and making sure the blog works well on mobiles and tablets will increase the effect even more.

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2. Assure new and up to date content

Once you have you have designed your blog according to your brand, you need to assure you publish informatin that is interesting to your clients. For instance: an article about yoga techniques to better relax during your holidays; discover less known sites and interesting places in the vicinity of our hotel; or even, talk about your experiences to show the personality and atmosphere of your hotel.

3. Invite guest authors to your blog

Letting other voices be heard and inviting guest authors improves your blog’s credibility. Identiry influencers and invite them to post something on your blog is a good way to present different experiences and opinions to your potential clients. Being able to post an article of a renowned brand adds even more value and generates additional interactions and possible link exchanges with the authors or companies.



4. Create commitment with your audience

The social angle is a very powerful area to explore. People tend to trust information received through recommendations on social media more than the information received through marketing channels. Having satisfied and participating clients increases positive comments and thus creates trust among future clients. Therefore it is important to offer all kinds of tools to ensure you receive client feedback. Motivating people through calls to action is a good way to get them participating.

5. Having an app

Creating an easy to use app to inform guests of all the hotels services is key. It is a unique way to add value. Thanks to mobile phone technology you can use it to recommend restaurants, touris routes, landmarks, timetables etc ..
Obviously you can also use it for loyalty programs, creating possiblities to register in order to unlock exclusive offers. And allow the app to connect to social media and include possibilities to share content of the app on social media to reach even more people.

The application could be used to send information after departure as well as during the stay to call room service, make a reservation, inform about events and activities etc.

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6. Don’t forget classic e-mailing

The tradition e-mail newsletter triggers new visits and generates subscriptions to your newsletter. Special offers and promotions for your subscibers is a way to create new reservations. If in addition you have a blog like the one mentioned before, including abstracts of the blog articles in the email creates additional traffic to your website and the possibility to share the information via social media.

7. Beyond the hotel premises

The guests do not spend all 24 hours in the hotel, so: Why not help them to get to know the surroundings? Create mini guides with information about the region and the surrounding areas and post them on your website. It will help your guests understand the added value of choosing for your hotel as the will perceive that your hotel has a lot to offer both inside the hotel as well as outside.
Combining the above mentioned 7 elements will make content management one of the best mechanisms to attract new customers.

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