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Redforts | Occupancy reports
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Occupancy reports

Occupancy reports

Oscar introduced new reports to its reports section incorporating occupancy reports that give you a detailed view of of your establischments occupancy. You can choose to show daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly views of the report. The reports show the historic occupancy, or the total occupancy including the non billed reservations. Visit the reports pages and check out your reports.

Save money and invite your colleagues

Surely you have some friends or colleagues that want to get to know Oscar as well. If that is the case, invite them and get your cost down. For every friend that becomes a customer, you will earn free usage days as a reward. Inviting friends and starting to save money is is really simple. Send an invitation from your account page and click on the button «Invite somebody» and introduce your friends’ email address and write a small message.

For more information on the benefits of inviting friends go to the Redforts web pages.

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